These lectures were prepared by Russell Barkley, Ph.D. for presentation on They include both the visual PowerPoint and Dr. Barkley's narrated lecture.

15 ADHD in Adults III: Assessment & TreatmentInformation
14 ADHD in Adults II: ImpairmentsInformation
13 ADHD in Adults Part I: Nature and DiagnosisInformation
12 The Evaluation of ADHD in Children and AdolescentsInformation
11: Medication Management of ADHDInformation
10: School Management of ADHDInformation
9: Parent Counseling & Home Management of ADHD ChildrenInformation
8: Optimizing ADHD Treatment: The Impact of ComorbidityInformation
7: The Importance of Emotion in ADHD (2 CE)Information
6: The Adolescent and Adult Outcomes of Children... (2 CE)Information
5 ADHD: Childhood Risks and Treatment Implications (1 CE)Information
4: Advances in Understanding the Etiology of ADHD (2 CE)Information
3: Part II: Executive Functioning & Self-Regulation... (2 1/2 CE)Information
2: The Nature of ADHD: The EF part I (2 CE, $49)Information
1: Diagnosis, Demographics & Subtyping (2 CE $49)Information