Frequently Asked Questions

Courses and Exams

1. Is there a time limit for the courses?
2. Can you mail me the course material?
3. I took a course and when I hit submit I got directed to the login page. Where can I find my score and download my certificate?
4. Will you be adding more courses to your existing course list?
5. When will I receive my certificate of completion?
6. What happens if I fail a course?
7. I passed a course but now I don't see it in my shopping cart. Where is it?
8. Where can I find a list of courses I have completed?
9. I cannot view the reading material and/or my certificate. What should I do?


10. Grievances
11. How many continuing education hours can I get through online learning?
12. Are you approved in my state?
13. Do you provide phone support?
14. How is continuing education calculated?


15. Can I sign up for the unlimited membership for only one year?
16. How do I cancel my membership?

Pricing and Payment

17. What payment methods do you accept?
18. Is the website secure? Is my information secure?
19. Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?